up. up. up.

up. up. up.

One of the people most dear to me in the world told me recently that the defining feature of my character is spiraling introspection. She was dead on. This time of year is particularly introspective for me, which—added to having far too much work on my plate—apparently translates to no blogging. This seems weird to me. Especially considering things like this post, which is really quite introspective…I think. Perhaps it’s the spiraling part that keeps me from writing. At any rate, it’s time to return.

I’ve been thinking about what I want for the coming year. I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be stellar for me (which may or may not have anything to do with Pantone choosing my signature shade as the color of the year), and I want to take advantage of that early by getting clear on what I want.

According to Danielle LaPorte, the best way to get clear on your desires is to know how you want to feel. And today is 12/12/12—a wishing day, as blogger/photographer Susannah Conway reminded me in her post today.

So this is me. Wishing aloud. Getting clear on what I want for my life in 2013.

I wish for creative satiety. Clarity. Amplified love. Resolve. I wish for deepening connection with my women friends. Femininity. Solidity. Sticky yoga practice. Flow. Ease. Confidence with a side of vulnerability. I wish for powerful support, both given and received. I wish to feel whole. I wish for excitement. Adventure. Beautiful energy. I wish for time. Meditation. Easy breath.

I wish for the feeling that I am living the life I have designed for myself.

And I wish you a year of wishes come true.


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